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Navigating the Matrix of Modular Building

Modular building component


The Building Trend Making New Waves in the Industry


Excerpt from M | O Perspectives

Some specialized modular construction manufacturers “package” full-service prefabricated design and installation, but generally this type of construction can run the gamut—from just panelized wall and floor assemblies, to complete finished rooms, units, structures, and even buildings. K-12 public schools for example have relied on modular construction for decades, mainly for budget reasons. Most people have seen this type of modular construction in the form of “portable” buildings that are meant for classroom overflow, but often become “permanent” structures. Several outfits like Project Frog and American Modular have even developed proprietary systems specifically to service schools.

“These outfits were successful when they provided all the modular parts, including the exterior finishes (roofs, windows, doors, cladding, etc.) and only had to coordinate with an onsite contractor for the sitework, foundations, utility connections and setting in place the full finished prefabricated systems,” Lee explains.

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